Morning Drugs


The following drugs need to be drawn up in the morning. They include controlled substances (i.e. drugs your resident will draw) and "emergency drugs" (drugs that are in the cart and that you can draw up before your resident arrives). Refer to the image below for what syringes and drugs to set up for your resident. Their uses can be found in the drug appendix.

Take note of the color coding system for syringe labels: it is by drug class, and stripes indicate a blocker/reverser of the corresponding class. Always label syringes before you draw up anything.

Controlled substances

You don't have access to these drugs until your resident brings them, because they are controlled substances, so the most you can do is set up the syringes.


Emergency drugs

You can draw these up because they are in the cart. Note that three of them now come in pre-drawn syringes, so you only need to check that they are in the cart. If the cart is out of any of these, let the resident know and they can page a tech to get more, or you can go to the workroom (once you know the code) to restock.